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    Do rageon plan giving creators the option of chosing and image for both the back and front of the product?  Its a bit awkward to have beautiful art on the front of a tee shirt and then a blank white canvas for the back, and if its double sided, its just the same as the front. Creators can do so much more giving the option to create a separate image for the back of the tee shirt. Or at the least creator should be able to choose a color for the back of the shirt to be if singled sided to better fit the art.

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    Hi Whomanstudios!

    Yes we do have the option now to chose an image for both the front and back of our t-shirts! When creating you will see this option to design the front and the back separately! We know that this will allow for more creativity for our artists and allow them to choose different designs to tailor to their audience. 

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